Zero Balancing… or Zero-based budgeting

Okay, so over a year ago, I finally read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover (Love!!! and highly recommend!!!).  In it, I learned a ton of financial concepts – but my favorite, by far, is the Zero-based budgeting (which I call Zero Balancing… it just makes more sense to me – but apparently zero balancing is a type of massage therapy…)

So in financial terms, it’s taking your income and budgeting every penny (hate the word budget)… so that at the end of the pay period you have “zero.”


You earn $1000, $500 goes to rent, $300 to food, $100 to utilities and $100 to debt.  Nothing is left over – everything has a purpose.

But I’ve used this concept for so many topics!  The most visual example I can think of is Thanksgiving Dinner:

There you are, having bought/cooked so much food and it’s now on display in the dinning room.  In comes all your friends and family who are either served or serve themselves and eat up the yumminess.

But OF COURSE, there’s food remaining!  So what do you do?  You can either eat more, wrap some up for your guests to take home, wrap some up for left overs, or do NOTHING, and the food will sit and rot on the table where you will eventually have to just toss it all out!  Such a waste!

Zero balancing is just making sure – before you call it an evening, that you find a home for all the left overs – that zero is left over!  No waste!

Applies to grocery shopping/cooking – making sure that before you run out to get more groceries, you eat what you have in your home!  Especially the perishables!

Applies to being energetic – if I want to “have the energy of a six-year-old,” I need to PLAY equally as much or, in adult terms, exercise to get the energy endurance I envy!  (Wow, that was a lot of e words…)

Why am I randomly so excited about this Zero Balancing that I technically learned a year ago?

Because since that time I’ve tried to find a way to redo my check balancing system (for years, I used an excel spreadsheet as a “checkbook.”) so I can maximize this Zero Balancing concept:  And I finally got it!  (okay, okay, I should probably test it out for longer than a minute – but seriously, SO happy about discovering this Numbers page!)

And you guys know… I love sharing anything I find!

Love you all!  Happy super late Sunday!

Worst Haircut Ever! It’s not what I asked for… and I can’t even be mad at the beautician!

So my hair was getting a bit long… I kept feeling it at my collar in uniform and it was driving me nuts.  So I went to get my haircut.

I like to keep things simple by always getting the same cut… I like it shorter in the back, longer in the front – I’ve been doing this cut FOREVER!

So I explained this to the beautician – I was confident she understood.

There are multiple reasons why I love my cut:  I keep it short so I avoid having to put my hair in a bun everyday (HATE the bun life!), but I keep the front longer (gradually as per the hair regulations, of course) because I actually prefer my hair long… it’s just not worth the bun-hate every day.  I also tend to push my hair behind my ears – and it’s annoying when I can’t do that.


But I forgot to tell her my new (-ish) habit for the salon.  It’s something I started doing (I think…) after Alex.  I also do this when I’m getting a massage.


A salon or a massage room is the best place… to catch a nap.


Okay, okay, I know it sounds like a fairly ridiculous thing to do.  But listen:  I’ve been doing this for SIX YEARS NOW!  And either my head never bobbed during a snooze, or the beauticians can always handle it.  Either way, I’ve never had a problem!

Until yesterday… when my head DEFINITELY bobbed… and I was forced to accept that my hair would in fact NOT be longer in the front…


Thank goodness hair grows!


And no… I really doubt I’ll stay awake when it’s time to get my hair cut again…


Am I the only one that does this?  Please let me know if I’m not alone!

P.S.  You’ll notice that I’m wearing both eye and lip makeup… but a haircut you hate equals more make-up.  (Of course every woman knows this… but in case a guy decides to actually read this…)

I have a keyring!

I found this cool site that created my design for free!  (okay, free to design, not free to buy – with shipping it cost me $8.79!)


Isn’t it adorable?!?

It takes like three weeks to deliver, so I’ll let you know as soon as I get it.

If you’re interested:

You can get one here!

Playing hide and seek with a kid… when you’re just too big for hide and seek…

Alex and I have a Saturday routine.  It includes him waking me up from my beauty sleep – at some ridiculous hour – like 0700 – and reminding me that we have to play hide and seek.

When he first told me that this should be our new routine – I seriously thought, there’s just no way!  I can only fit in so many spaces, and if we do this every week, Alex is sure to quickly memorize them!

And some of those spaces are pretty uncomfortable – for a grown up, anyway!

So how have we kept up this routine since moving down here?  Because Alex hasn’t learned my secret weapon!  So for all those adults out there that forgot this very important trick (that I used to do quite often as a little ‘un many years ago!) here’s a reminder (because I’m sure you used to do it!)


It’s not about knowing where you can fit… it’s about knowing how to sneak around the house quietly!


Yup – I find a spot (literally out in the open) on one side of the house.  I wait for Alex to go into the rooms on the other side and while he’s not looking, I sneak into a room he’s already checked (preferably a small room that doesn’t deserve a “second look.”)

Yes, periodically he will go straight towards the side where I’m hap-hazardly hiding and quickly find me (luckily, I’m cool with losing this game).  Then other times, he doesn’t understand why it’s so hard to find me…

And don’t be afraid to move more than once!

Moms are tricky like that!

You’re welcome!  Happy hiding!

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Oh, my goodness!  So I’ll just start by admitting I haven’t even finished this book yet – but it’s so motivating that I started to apply what I’ve read so far.  Not only have I gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary items (and color me shocked because the last several years I’ve “downsized” a lot of my possessions – or so I thought!) but I’ve just learned that I fold my clothes all wrong!

Like all “normal” people, I’ve been folding my clothes like they do in the department stores – so for shirts, I end up with a bunch of little squares/rectangles that I stack on top of each other and place in my drawer.  My main headache with this method is, inevitably, I end up having to lift up multiple shirts to find the one that I’m in the mood to wear – thus undoing a lot of my folding (depending on what type of rush I am in.)

This magical book has just blown my mind – stating that you can fold your shirts (and find the “sweet spot”) allowing them to stand almost like books to where we can “read the spine” without having to guess where your shirts are!

So I just rushed home and gave it a try:


And I’m happy to report that my shirts can indeed stand up – that I’m not wasting space (the upper right hand pic is how I used to fold my shirts) using the same amount of clothes already in my drawer for the experiment!

My only concern is, of course, seeing if my housekeeper is amenable to this new-fangled folding method!  🙂  ‘Cause you know I rarely fold my own clothes anymore!  Love my housekeeper!

If you give Ann a massage…

If you give Ann a massage…

chances are she’s going to fall asleep during the massage (if it’s a good one)…

and she’s going to know she fell asleep because she’ll wake herself up several times with her own snores (I swear I only snore during massages!)…

and she’ll wonder if her snores are super irritating or hillarious to the masseuse…

but she won’t really care so she’ll continue to pop in and out of consciousness…

and after the massage, she’s going to want sushi…

Every. Single. Time…


Love my “me time” routine!  What’s your favorite “me time” routine?

Shipboard lessons learned

Now that I’m on shore duty, I’m trying to document my lessons-learned from when I was on my ship (quite frankly, ship-life can be so busy that I just never had time for it while I was there.)  One of the things I’ve created is a checklist for Sailors to use prior to getting on deployment!  These are not the legal side of the house – it’s more the stuff that I liked having while I was underway – or the things I noticed most of my Sailors had.

And a shameless “support your Sailors” plug:

If you happen to know someone who is underway and you haven’t gotten them a Christmas gift – and since it’s already the 10th of December – I’d like to recommend sending a New Years card (and honestly, even that might arrive late – but late is better than never!) and electronically sending them an amazon gift card!  You can literally buy anything from Amazon – and I’ll bet there’s something your Sailor has been dying for while they’re in the middle of the ocean!  (and of course, this applies to all the wonderful Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Coasties!)

If you’re interested in seeing my list, click here!


So… I’ve started something super scary… and awesome!  Okay – it’s mostly awesome for me – pretty sure it’s not awesome for others…

And it’s called Periscope!  It’s an App where you can basically record live video (and it only keeps it for 24 hours – but there are multiple ways to save it if you want).  The video I did on Facebook recently was originally done on Periscope (I edited slightly before I put it on Facebook).

You don’t have to subscribe to me, of course – but if you’re interested, it’s really fun to watch (I’m watching mostly business-related scopes)!

I will add, that I don’t necessarily think I’m interesting… and again – it’s super scary to do!  But I really see the potential for loving it!  So – it’s one of my new “things” for 2016!

I’m @Holmanese (but I think you can also search my name)!

Embracing a video life!

welcome to my world!

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